Current recommendations I’m obsessed with

Sometimes.. just sometimes I get completely besotted with some of the things I read, watch or listen (as is the case with my impending never-ending podcast obsession), I just want to say it out loud to anyone who will care to listen.

Current podcast I am obsessed with:
Dr Death by Wondery

Now you guys know I love my Mamamia podcasts with a side of random motivational podcasts on the daily, BUT upon a recommendation, I got hooked onto this true crime podcast which blew my tiny tiny mind. I do love crime shows but I prefer to watch them, so having to listen to true crime podcasts is a whole new genre for me. 

I was so hooked to Dr Death, the storyline of true events and the podcaster’s delivery from the get go that I just ended up listening to the entire 10 parts in a day. So who is Dr Death?

Dr Death is a nickname given and coined by media to a former american neurosurgeon Christopher Duntsch who was supposedly a stellar and brilliant surgeon.

Little did any of his patients or let alone the public know that, Duntsch will throughout his career years cause over 30 paralysis and/or deaths in the operating theatres. He claimed to be the best in his field. He had advertorial videos of patients giving him the absolute standing ovation. He literally oozes with opulence, extremely excellent book-smart doctor but as soon as he operates on a patient, he will do exactly the opposite, as if he was trying to kill the patient on purpose? Perplexing? Oh yes!!

So how did he pretty much get away with murder? How did the hospitals he worked with literally turn a blind eye on his vile and heinous acts? 

This podcast will also unearth Duntsch’s unforgivable act of coaxing his best friend to have an unnecessary neck surgery performed by Duntsch himself, which resulted his best friend to be paralysed from neck down till this day and will also explore on Duntsch’s excessive drug and alcohol idiosyncrasies to the point where he will have a full blown drug-fest party every night and wake up in the morning to perform surgeries. Unbelievable but it did happened, and it did shake America. 

So is Duntsch just a cold blooded murderer or just plain horrible at his life-saving job (which is kind of impossible and mind blowing given that he had refined recommendations and graduated tops in his medical year)? 

Like I said, discovering Dr Death was like finding podcast gold for me, I was just completely enthralled by it.  The episodes are about 20 mins short (which is my favourite duration, if you were to ask me), palatable and bite size and I cannot recommend enough. If I were to hazard a guess, this will absolutely be turned into a documentary of some sorts and I cannot wait to watch that. 

Current Netflix obsession:
Exposed: Case of Keli Lane

Now I watched a ton of Netflix as much as the girl next door. I, however, am very picky about my documentaries. I am no nonsense about it and will not continue if the doco is shiet from the first 5 minutes,  so when Netflix recommended the documentary on Keli Lane, I just had to sit down and watch it.

Now, I heard about Keli Lane’s story from my podcasts over a year ago, but never knew more about it. Keli Lane hits very close to home-base as it is an Australian mystery. 

Essentially, we all know that there is no murder without a body, but as a result of  injustice, Keli Lane is currently halfway through serving her long tumultous sentence for the crime of murdering her 2 day old baby girl Teagan. Teagan was never found, in fact nobody besides Keli and the medical team who delivered her in 1996 has seen the baby since. So where is this child? Did Keli really gave her up to her natural father as claimed? Who is the child’s father? Was he fabricated? But the more important question is, who really is Keli Lane?

Raised in an astute northern beaches family with a strict mother and a policeman father, she has always been a competitive water polo player from young. She is fit, blonde, possesses a gorgeous smile and is very sociable.

So why does a girl from a good background ended up being pregnant from the age of 15 and by the time she had her 4th pregnancy at 19 with Teagan, her baby will eventually go “missing”. And where are all her other babies? How did someone unearth her mystery of the missing baby-the very same one that she told nobody about? And why is everyone including her polo mates who train 4 times a week with her and her parents who see her everyday not know she was pregnant over and over again? How has the society and system failed her? Was she a pathological liar? Did she really murdered her child? If these questions need answering, you have to watch to know. 

I have to say that on a personal point of view, I was pretty bah humbug and judgy with her cavalier attitude in general. I mean, if you were me watching, you will have the same race of thoughts too. Getting pregnant over and over again, wearing a white suit to a friend’s wedding in a church 2 days AFTER giving birth, I mean, it is only human to have those assumptions. But as I progress further into the documentary, I feel myself leaning to the other morale camp. I felt a pang of guilt for denigrating her. We will never know if something has happened in her life to have shaped her in a manner. I do feel that it was legal injustice all the same, this is a definite must-watch.

Honorary Netflix mention:

Image result for travels with my father season 3

Just wanted to squeeze this in real quick because these series are a bloody ripper of a hilarious gem and I laugh every 30 seconds into every episode. Essentially, it is a light-hearted travel show which follows a son who never managed to go for his gap year because he became a famous comedian early on in his life, who then decides that he is going to take some time off to do a gap-year style travel and who better to bring along, than his 77 year old father? The son is fun and wild while the father is rigid and square. Together, they are a humorous pair filled with idiotic antics of epic proportions. Oh boy I cannot stop laughing. You guys have to watch this!!

Current e-book I am digging at the moment:

I do swing from time to time between physical and e-book and currently I am waist deep in this e-book called Not bad people-Brandy Scott. This is Brandy’s debut book and I have to say, it is a promising read.

Not quite my usual rom-com favourite kind of reads and it did took me a couple of failed starts, but I eventually got into it. This book is all- based around the lives of 3 women in a countryside in Victoria who over a New Year’s eve night have released lanterns filled with resolutions and hopes into the air for the promise of a good year and that my friends, might or might have not caused a plane to crash.

Are they or are they not bad people then? Will they be unearthed and will their “innocent” act of floating their lanterns be unravelled by one of them?

Now the storyline itself is not the most gravitating stories but I will be sure to enjoy and finish it because I do need to know if a bloody paper lantern have caused that crash. Mama needs to know the truth.

Also this got me thinking and I do realise that I tend to be more inclined to watch or listen to anything that evolves around a trio-my favourite Mamamia podcast has always had 3 hosts since 2015, one of my favourite Netflix show, Good Girls is also around the lives of a trio of 3 women, and unsuprisingly I have also been in 2 separates group of friendship of a trio, where I essentially am the middle person.

Completely steering off tangent and am not sure if its coincidental but that’s for another entry in itself.

My favourite personal recommendations

While I get myself dirty, greasing up my sleeves working on my part II of II of my LDR series, I felt inclined to dash in here quickly and give you guys a swift write up all about my all-time favourite personal recommendations of what I love to listen and watch.

Of those that I simply and literally cannot shut up about.

Daily and without fail, amongst other things I do upon waking up (ie: peeing and feeding the cat but not simultaneously or that will be oof, super disastrous), I will start my day listening to motivational speakers on Youtube. Yup. I am one of those people (eyes roll).

There is nothing more than starting my day right by listening to positive people telling me to get a groove on and not giving up. I am sorry if this sounds a little too hocus pocus for you but from time to time I personally feel that we can all benefit with some words of inspirations.

I do have a few motivators who I generally like and listen to on rotation (to name a couple of them: Jay Shetty and Joel Esteen) but I also have a personal favourite motivational speaker who is not only a woman, she is a woman of kick-assery, Mel Robbins.

She was a criminal lawyer turned author and speaker who was about to be bankrupt, alcohol reliant, anxiety diagnosed and almost had a failed marriage before she came up with the 5 seconds rule and turned her life around. I love her simply because she is someone who I can listen to without being bored or annoyed at. She is real and relatable and not fakely polished (mum of 3 kids just running around trying to do life).

I have listened to her audiobook and is forever watching her youtube videos of her “coffee-talk” of her just answering questions about life ordeal, procrastination, finding your inspiration, depression, how to have anchor thoughts etc and how to just live a damn better life. My personal favourite of her many topics is to be someone else’s cheerleader – to always uplift and cheer for someone else’s success and victory, when you ignite positivity in people, you will also indirectly enhance your self-positivity too. I thought that was just effing brilliant.

Oh, sometimes her cat Mr Noodle makes a star appearance in her youtube videos and he is just the cutest (but I say that about every cat though).

For the most part of my day, I am most-often-than-not listening to podcasts. I am a self-declared new to the world of a podcast junkie. From the time I wake up to the minute I sleep, I am always 99% enthralled in a brilliant podcast. My co-workers know exactly what I am talking about when I start with “By the way I was listening to my podcast and……”.

I have several criterias for me to stick and to leech on a good podcast.

Firstly, I need to know who is talking, it does not matter who they are or if I know the pod-casters personally, I just need to know who is talking, their names and how they look like, I do not care who they are I just need to put a face to the voice for relatibility purposes.

Secondly, they have to be interesting and capturing and their topics need to resonate with either my life or that in the very least I get to have a take-away lesson from it.

My most favourite podcast: Mamamia Out Loud

Outloud is a podcast, made by a Sydney-based company Mamamia from the co-founder Mia herself (in yellow). While I only just recently discovered them, I have been catching up on their episodes since way back to early 2017 (they go even earlier that). Outloud is a podcast primarily chaired by the co-founder herself as just mentioned, Mia and her co-hosts Jessie and Holly (who replaced Monique) and these women are astoundingly intelligent. They are proclaimed enthusiast feminists who are not only able to put a topic on the table and discuss away, they are able to lay their views and insights clearly pristine, agree to disagree maturely, comprehensively intelligent with their choice of words and are profoundly fearless with their thoughts. They talk about everything from royal families, to hollywood or local celebrities, to world wars in Syria, to politics like Trump to botox and fillers to failed fashion to rape and harassments, to just about everything under the sky. These women are just a fresh breath of air.

2nd favourite podcast: You Beauty

You beauty is also a podcast under the Mamamia company but is hosted by Leigh and Kelly, twice a week. This is where I listen to for everything beauty. Leigh and Kelly talk about their favourite makeup and skincare products and regiment, discuss about the listener’s beauty woes about what chemical actives to use, best sunscreen, microblading, different facials, waxing, favourite fragrance (you get the gist). Youbeauty also has a spendy and savey topic which are their weekly product recommendations and Leigh also interview other interesting women on what they are currently using and loving. For something quick and light, I always turn to this podcast and up doing several online purchases. Eeeks.

3rd favourite podcast: This Glorious Mess

This glorious mess is also one of many podcasts under Mamamia, hosted by Holly again and Andrew. Now, this is a funny choice of a podcast for me personally because this glorious mess is a podcast all about parenting. Even though personally I do not have kids yet, I thoroughly enjoy this podcast immensely because of how real their struggles are as parents. If you cannot tell yet, I love real people and real life.

Andrew is a father of two late teens and a young adult and Holly is a mother to two younger kids who talk and discuss openly about every dilemma and funny boo-boos there is in parenthood. They also interview experts to talk about various topics such as bullying in school, game addiction, mental health and also from to time, authors of kiddy books. I just love their banters and their light-hearted convos and best of all, I learned a bunch of knowledge which I have no idea how to dispense with at the monent, sans kid and all but pretty sure this knowledge will come handy one day.

Honourable mention podcast: The gays are revolting

This is the latest podcast which I just chanced upon a week ago but I already love them. The gays are revolting is a Melbourne-based group of gays who as their podcast name suggest talks about everything down under in the queer world. If you know me personally, you will know that I am 101% supportive of the LGTBQ committee. These fellas are witty and so much fun to listen to.

I will suggest however, to stick to them only when you have ample time to spare as their episodes get a tad rambly for my liking. Each of their podcast sessions do go for an hour or more, which tend to make me space off some times. Another con worth mentioning is all 4 of them do tend to sound the same so it is a little teeny weeny hard to differentiate who is who and who is talking at the moment but I thought its worth mentioning them as they keep it really real and fresh and touch on heaps of taboo topics.

All time favourite documentary no: 1- Wild wild country

I cannot for the life of me suggest anything more eye opening than this documentary. I love it so so so much, I have watched it back to back 3 times and anytime, anyone ask for any recommendation, I will direct them to watch this and they will also love it 100%. Without sounding too woo-woo or ambivalent about a specific race, a specific country or a specific lifestyle, I leave this to your own viewing discretion and for you to conjure up your own thoughts. If there are little ears and eyes in your household, I do not recommend watching this in front of them as there are some snippets of nudity, but otherwise, do enjoy.

All time favourite documentary no: 2-The Staircase

If you, quite again, know me personally, then you will know I love nothing more than (1) horror ghost supernatural stories and (b) murder/kidnapping stories. There are so many incredulous fist-tightening, white-knuckling gruesome documentaries out there on Netflix but Staircase is my ultimate favourite. This Staircase documentary is essentially about a famous American author who was accused of murdering his current 2nd wife who.. yes you guess it, apparently died from the fall from their house staircase. This whole doco pretty much spins off from the time he was accused to present day where throughout the entire process, he has a group of videographers to film everything down and eventually developed into this documentary. The underlying message of this doco is that, this author has one heck of the balls of confidence because quite evidently he has managed to maintain his proclamation of innocence throughout.

I was immensely engrossed with this entire doco and was strongly leaning to one side of my judgement when a plot twist thickens and explode into my face.. and I went 360 degrees steered off course. Go watch it.

Now I know I have more than one all time favourite series, and if some of you are a Friends kind of person, well I am a Grey’s Anatomy and Sex and the City kind of person. Funny note: I love Greys Anatomy so much but when Burke left in Season 3, I thought I could not watch anymore. But I persevered and stick to them till season 11 and again newsflash, when Christina Yang had to go, I was like that’s it, I hold my white flag up and I cannot watch beyond that because not only my favourite 2 people are gone from the series, the show is losing its plot, everyone is sleeping with everyone in the hospital and the characters kept dying away which was honestly Shonda Rhimes, pretty weird. (Meredith Grey can continue with her sod life story though)

However, since both GA and SATC are not accessibly viewable, I shall do a mention of my current favourite series that is playing on Netflix and that is How to get away with murder.

Now, there are not many series out there that can quite capture me like how HTGAWM can, from the get go. Basically, a criminal defense attorney who is also a criminal law lecturer started her new semester teaching a bunch of law students, little did she know that she has to be “involved” in more ways than one and while at it, applying what she is essentially preaching.

Before I go, if you are looking for a quick happy-esque positive, easy-to-watch, feel good tv series, I will highly recommend: Grace and Frankie

Grace and Frankie is a couple of mature ladies who have to carve a new life of their own after being informed by their husbands of more than 40 years in marriage, that their husbands were.. gay partners in love. I have been recommended this series for years by a friend and never got on the bandwagon but once I did, oh boy I could not stop watching.

Off-screen, the main actresses Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are both 81 and 79 years old respectively. I admire them with deep admiration as quite naturally, I do not know many women in that age bracket who are not only active in life but still actively acting with long hours on set and the script memorisation and what-nots, they are the definite bawmb kick-assery women I aspire to become in the future.

That’s it for a quick one. Do let me know if there are any good recommendations that I should watch out for or listen to, I am always open to them. Ta-ta.