The end of an era

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Guess what guys, it is the end of another decade. I am not trying to be that suspense-esque and mystery chic and all but it is pretty much the end of the decade, literally and figuratively speaking.

Have you guys have had a great year so far? Ticking off all the resolutions you made in January or have they whittle down sideways in March? Has it been a funtastic year all around or has it been dotted with unexpected disappointments along the way?

Well, as for me, upon reflection of the year, I have to say while there are teeny tiny changes, most things do tend to stay the same, as it does in most years. Sometimes I still surprise myself when the new year rolls around and I don’t grow an unexpected horn on my head or something? As human, we all tend to forget that the switch from 31 December to 1 January is just yet again, another day.

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I made resolutions religiously. If you do not know this about me, I am a huge list maker. I even made list about putting on my bra and brushing my teeth every single day, pfft like as if I will forget (actually wait, hmm might have forgotten once or twice, the bra part that is).

All I am saying is, I love resolutions. I made them so early on in the previous year, it is staring at me in September. Do I ever follow them through? Heck no. Except that last year, being a conscious adult and all, reviewing my goals every 3 months, I was able to stick to my resolutions loosely. The only goal I could hit was the number of books I read, that was passable and absolutely doable because I do love reading, even if it is just my “rom-com/chick flicks” books. Don’t you judge me now, they are my thang.

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I will admit though, the saving money and losing weight resolutions which I have had for the last damn 20 years have never been achieved. I am bad at saving money as I am in watching what I put in my mouth. But, having said that, I manage to emerge through the year still being in a fair good shape. Sure sure, my knee troubles me every damn day like a muthapucker but I, still damn grateful, I have my overall health in check. And guess what guys, that gym membership that I had silently, I have been going for lunch time classes (thanks to my work girls <3). I mean, can I get an A for effort at least? Some weeks are pretty great, I will be awesomely motivated, some weeks are not. But that is fine, we are all humans and that’s my gist for this entry, it is fine to be just fine.

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If you guys need a random reminder, let me be the one telling you this:- Let’s not be too hard on ourselves, we have others already doing that for us. So, let’s be nice and kind to our wee selves. Let’s do away with those unnecessary questions in your head about if you are enough? The answer is fuck yes, you are enough as it is and I know you are doing the best damn job you can for yourself, so you deserve a great pat on your sexy back. If you do not hit the jackpot in any part of your life, that is fine my friends. For if you wake up another day blessed to be able to breathe, you can try again.

You don’t save a million dollars last year, that is fine, at least you still have your job-however crappy it may be. You don’t get to snag that dream girl, that is fine you have amazing friends and lovely families having your back. You don’t manage to lose that 5 or 50 pounds, that is fine, just keep moving and start small, you will get somewhere I promise you. You don’t manage to conceive, that is fine, go hug your partner instead, you still got love. You think your life is boring, hey guess what.. yes damn right that is fine, you got a roof over your head, you are safe and warm and you are healthy and breathing, basic necessities are damn okay too. We are all fine. We can do more and we can do better. Don’t give up!!

I am wishing one and all, a jubilant new year, the ushering of a new decade and may all the brilliance trail you along in each and every way. Stay awesome all you cutie possums!!!!


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For the love of reading

Guys, one of my resolutions this year in 2019 (amongst an exhaustive list, that is) was to read 30 books and I DID IT!!

I know, for some, 30 might not be much but it is a magical feat for me. Since leaving school more than a decade ago, I sadly lost my reading touch. This was hard for me because I grew up just loving reading. I remembered when I was about 5 or 6, my birthday rolls around and I got a present from my parents. As I was about to unwrap, my mom said that the present starts with the letter “B” and I went ballistic. B?? It must be books!!! I told them as I tore off the wrapping paper and I realized it was actually bloody Barbie. Even though looking back, I was unsure why will I think it will be books, seeing that the box was pretty huge, I was hoping it will be more books. I have a pretty great childhood but I was just a child who doesn’t like to play with toys that much. I was mostly curling up somewhere reading.

My prized possession as a child was my Polly Pocket (which I am proud to say I still have it with me) and all of my hard cover of Enid Blytons. I never like the Barbie I got and soon after, I chopped off her hair to a bob. I took off her legs and re-assemble it over and over. Barbies was not my jam back then. I never got toys for presents anymore. 

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Anyway, back to my reading story, at the beginning of the new year, I started this thing where I listed down every book I read to keep tab. I actually also listed down all of the Netflix shows I watched but it was becoming too much too fast, so I kind of stopped that after April. But books, yes, every single one of them read, was recorded. I owned most of these books and some others I loaned from my kind dear girlfriends from work. 

And you know what’s astonishing guys, I can tell you the first book I read this year. Table of eight by Tricia Stringer. I can also tell you that when I first started on this book. It was obviosly on the first day of the year in svelting hot summer, I was in my husband’s ute in Seaforth, waiting for him to meet a client on a job (I even remembered the duplex the client was living in) and there I was reading and sweating but still reading for the most part. Isnt it funny how our memories serve us? The things our brain chooses to remember or not. Hmm, food for thought.

I was on my 29th book, when I decided I wanted to make my 30th book as memorable as my first. So I choose to re-read this as the last ode of the year. I love all my Enid Blytons with the passion of a thousand sun. This one in particular, I managed to save it from my parent’s place and flew back with it just recently. It is effing priceless, it is precious, it has been memorable and so has been my reading journey for the year.

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To start off the coming new year, my resolution is to read 40 books. Please hold me accountable and I will report this update in the next 11 1/2 months. Since I am into making reading memories now, I decided to go out and buy (well I made my husband pay for it to make it more “memorable” for me), the entire set of Liane Moriarty books (my no 1 favorite oz’ author, shall I add). All 9 of them books. I have read most of these from my dear friend tub tub’s collection but I figured I shall like to own them for my own personal collection’s sake since I enjoyed Liane’s penmanship tremendously.

And I shall re-devoured them, come new year. That’s my first 9 books sorted for the coming year. 

How about you? What are your reading goals and what is your literature preference of choice?