How to-facial massage using precious stones

I know I am about a year or two late into this “jade-rolling” and gua sha trend but here is my honest defence. When I heard that everyone was playing around with this “jade thingy”, I was completely baffled as to how jade was able to pierce through the beauty community. Because back in my day, jade is to be worn and not to be rolled around on the face but I completely digress..

Having said that I am not un-loving the message behind these beauty tools per se, and the message is essentially facial massaging. Not floating my own boat guys, but I have been told many a times that I do look younger than my age and if I can credit that to one thing, it is honestly facial massages. I genuinely love giving myself a face massage with my own fingers on the daily (something I do almost every single day and night and now has become a second nature in my skincare routine).

As a child growing up, my mother always instill in me the importance of giving tender loving care to our face and body, even if it means a 30 seconds face massage daily. Long before beauty massaging tools came about, she taught me to use my finger tips to massage my pressure points on my face. Also fun fact, long before rice toner was invented, my mother has been using the remnants water of soaked rice to cleanse her face. How many of your Asian mothers out there have told you this, hands up???

Anyways, let’s paddle back just a wee bit and let’s talk about JADE.

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Jade is a precious stone, prevalent to the Chinese community as it is originated in China back in the 7th century (many many many moons ago). Jade, as a stone, also carries a deeper spiritual and healing meaning to it. Jade often symbolizes serenity, purity and tranquility. It also mainly signifies as a good luck stone and safety. Hence why, you will see jade usually worn as as a bangle around new born babies or as pendants and rings.

Jade rollers are undeniably a power beauty tool. The tool itself, has a big roller for the larger surface areas of the face and the small roller are for contours like around the eyes and the nose. Please be aware that the real deal of a jade can essentially cost alot of money out there, therefore if you are looking for an authentic jade roller, it will cost slightly more. If however, the jade roller is being sold at an incredibly low price, most likely it is a low quality jade which could possibly be made from glass, infused with jade colour. If you are not at all bothered with the authenticity of the precious stones being rolled on your face, then by all means, knock yourself out in eBay.

In addition to the jade, there are now, many beauty rollers out there being made from a variety of other precious stones; namely crystal quartz, onyx and even amethyst. Each precious stone, obviously bears their own significance and benefits.

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When I saw the amethyst-roller make its appearance in the beauty market, I was completely sold. I love amethyst as a precious stone and I personally felt that it is not as generic as jade/rose quartz rollers (no offence). So I bite the bullet.
Benefits of amethyst:
Amethyst has more healing elements with physical ailments and emotional issues, energy healing and chakra alignments.

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What are the benefits of a stone roller, you might ask?
Well for me, massaging my own face (using either rollers or fingers) just feels incredibly cathartic and therapeutic-like and it is an excellent form of self care. It gives you a private time to be mindful and just having a one-on-one time with yourself and your skin, instead of just going through your mundane everyday skincare routine and rushing out of the front door. Take time to love yourself.

Facial massaging relaxes all kind of muscle tension that is contained in our face.
*Tension around our cheeks, especially when you are smiling, talking or highly expressive with facial expressions
*Tension held in clenched jaws when you are sleeping
*Tension held around the mouth if you are prone to teeth grinding at night
*Tension, when we are just generally stress throughout the day

Stone rolling, generally stimulates good blood flow and helps to return your “chi” (energy) back to your face. Hence why, when you are stone-rolling your face, you will notice a slight blush or redness all over your skin which indicates positive circulation of blood movement. Stone rolling your face helps tremendously in smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines, de-puffing your under eyes and even help to ease any nasal problems. (Just think of a stone-roller on your face as a foam roller to your body)

In the long run, stone rolling is also known to tighten and tones the skin, and why will anyone not want that? It also has been said that, stone rolling helps in the contouring of high cheek bones. (um hello, I want one of that).

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Also stone rolling is extremely beneficial in the summer months for cooling down your skin, especially if you have rosacea or redness around your face. This brings me to my top tip for beauty tools, KEEP THEM IN YOUR FRIDGE. So when you are ready to use them, it will always be nice and cool on the skin. (of course please don’t put them in the meat section, I mean come on..)

I also find that facial massaging or stone rolling one’s face helps with the lymphatic drainage of the skin. So think of it as.. removing bad waste, toxin and extra fluid from your face (say bye bye to puffy cheeks).

Now for the million dollar question, how the bloody heck do you use these facial massaging tools?
Firstly and very importantly, you are to use them on cleansed face. Not on a face full of makeup or grime. The reason why you do not use it on dirty groddy face is to prevent nasty breeding of bacteria into the skin. Hell, no.

The next imperative tip is to note the two drainage points of the face which is (1) by your ears beside your temple and (2) by your collar bone. You need to note these two points as your end points as you simply do not want to be stone-rolling all over your face and be pushing toxins all around your gorgeous little face (defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?)

So, when you are massaging your face, please remember that (1) for your face surface, you always want to massage it upwards and towards your temple and (2) from your chin, massage it downwards towards your collar bone.

I made a video on this on my instagram, so if you will like to see a quick clip on this, join me there.

I personally love using my rollers after applying my essences or serum. This could be any essences or serum of your choice, just ensure that it is not thick or tacky on the skin to ensure the roller has a smooth application to work on. You do not want to be dragging on dry skin. No no

Pretty sure, you guys will have known this but I am a big fan of sheet masks. I frequently use my rollers on my sheet mask which helps tremendously for the essences and serum on the sheet mask to penetrate deeply into my skin.

I have also rolled my face after applying a good moisturizer on it.

But, having said all that, my favorite step of rolling will be right after putting on my facial oil. I just feel that the extra sleekness of the facial oil makes it easier for me to roll and massage my face.

You can roll as often as you want, for as long as you want. But a good general rule of thumb is, you want to roll a specific area of your face at least 5 times each before moving onto another area.

Roll outwards under the eye:
Using the small roller, start from the inner corner of the eye and roll outwards towards your temple

Roll in between eyebrows:
Love this step, just for smoothing out those damn lines between your eyebrows. Good and free botox, if you were to ask me..

Also, I make sure that I roll along my eyebrows. I cannot tell you how relaxing this method is because I am someone who gets frequent tension headaches and this has help enormously. Saves me the trouble of becoming a panadol extra addict. Lol

And of course, you will not want to forget rolling your under cheeks/along jawline area. Start from the centre of your chin and roll upwards to your ears. Speaking of chin, I also use the small roller and go ham on my chin.

Let’s all not miss our neck area. Sadly I have deep line creases on my neck, so I am hoping that all these rolling can help to smooth the lines out. Fingers crossed..

Gua sha

Now brothers and sisters, let me touch on briefly about this gua sha tool. Gua sha is, yet again another ancient Chinese tool which predominantly incorporates scraping and pulling motion. In Chinese medicine, gua sha actually compliments acupunctures or cupping massages.

Gua sha generally provides medium to hard pressure which is beneficial for the back of neck for tension or migraine releases. You can also use it on your face, as for me, I personally use it for across my broad forehead and my jawlines.

Just like the roller, gua sha also increases blood circulation especially for bigger parts of the body areas. and relives muscle tensions (which is why gua sha is great for neck & back massages).

I mainly use the long edge of the guasha for the back of my neck with medicated oil to release neck aches and I also use the concave part of the gua sha to hug and massage my cheek bones and for depth-defining of the jaw line.

I really hope I made sense with my rolling and gua sha-ing jargon in this entry and I do recommend any of you guys to try incorporating facial massages in your skincare routine (be it with tools or your own trusty fingers). Like I say, spa yourself up. And last but not least, don’t forget to clean your rollers and gua sha after using it and store them in a clean setting, please. 🙂 Enjoy facial rolling, everyone!!!