How (or where) I like my CAFFEINE to be in?

No no no nooooo

I will not be writing about the generic you-know-hows about coffee or coffee beans simply because I am not a big coffee connoisseur at all. I am also not a coffee snob so I cannot tell you much about a cup of coffee. But today, I will tell you the 3 unconventional ways I like my caffeine in. You will be humoured, I promise.

In my medicine

Image result for panadol extra

If you know me personally, you will know that I am a walking pharmacy. I am also passionately called a drug dealer because I carry around 2 phones (for fun) and a bag full of fun medicine but we will get to that some other time.

I love my Panadol extra with a passion of a thousand suns (not neurofen, not ibupofren not anything else even though they generally might be of the same ingredients comprisation). Panadol Extra has 65mg extra caffeine in a capsule on top of your standard 500mg paracetamol, so all in all Panaol Extra has a bloody kick in it. I swear it heals my headache/migraine/neck tension in a click of the finger like you will not believe it (do I sound addicted? because probably I am). Haha.

In my eye cream

Image result for ordinary caffeine

You all know I love my skincare. I am slowing down in the skincare department just for a wee bit only because we are entering into warmer months here and there is nothing more that I want than anything sliding off my face 5 seconds into applying it on.

Eye products is something that I am not too crazy off but the one eye serum that I do swear by is The Ordinary Caffeine Solution. CAFFEINE FUN FACT: Caffeine is not only to be ingested, caffeine works wonders when applied topically especially around the eye area. Caffeine is an active ingredient and has proven to help in decreasing eye puffiness and under eye circle. Personally for me, I honestly do not see the difference in lightening dark under-eye circles but this mother of a product is bloody refreshing and awakes you especially in the dead of every morning. I will apply this every single morning and my eye area instantly feels taut, speaking of product that works, this is one really does.

If you want to read more on skincare recommendations, I have written a lengthy one here.

In a 3 in 1 packet drowned with sugar & creamer

I am Asian and I love my 3-in-1 coffee which is a disguise for literally drinking sugar and creamer more than the coffee content itself. I love all of the 3-in-1 especially those that I cannot find here (sad sobs to self). I appreciate you if you can make a mean cup of coffee but I will never be convinced to like no other coffee other than my 3 in 1. Some will say its not really coffee but lets not go into a sinful slide down the judgement road.

We have so many guests who have come through our door, be introduced to the 3-in-1 and are bloody converts. For that I am happy to take the 3 in 1 credit for. Wink.

So there you go guys, my funky ways of putting caffeine into my system. Stay caffeinated!!!!!!!!!

Author: erniewornie

I am secretly a cat.. Fine, just a random crazy cat lady who was born and bred in humid Singapore but one day, after 31 years of crazy-rich-asian-not life decided to pack her entire life and move to Sydney to be with the love of her life, and so a whirlwind of life entails..

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