Winter skin/body care essentials

Now I know I promised a great write up all about my skincare routine but as cliche as this sounds, life might have swerved me to a side lane just for a lil bit. That entry is hot on its way, I am taking a great deal to re-stock some of my frequently used products and photographing it for the next entry, so I will appreciate if you can hold on to your horses for that.

BUT.. since we are well on our way into June which means that it is officially winter down under here, I really wanted to share a fun-size entree about my favourite all time winter care essentials. We have all been there, with the dry itchy skin, flaky scalp, peeling nose from all that cold/flu ailment, taut face and chapped lips, so what can we start doing in this season to take better care of our glorious layer of skin? I have just the few things for you.

My biggest biggest advice to one and all for winter is DO NOT HAVE A BLOODY LONG HOT WATER BATH!!! Like I know how amazing it is to defrost ourselves from the wintry cold outside with a long hot shower but keep that rub-a-dub session short and sweet. The best bet for not having dry itchy skin in colder months is all about.. preserving natural body oil. If you are always on the roll of having long hot-water showers, you are just stripping your body and skin of its essential, natural oil thus causing it to be itchy and dry. Have bite sized shower sessions and ensure you lather yourself with a great moisturising products.

This also goes for defrosting your delicate frozen fingers under the hot water in the sink, if possible, refrain,you are just causing your palm and your nail beds a disturbance.

While some, if not all my recommended products are a duhhh (like why is she writing on obvious things), many of us including me can do with a good reminder, from time to time. Now for my all time favourite products (for all year round, but especially so in winter):

Yes, you read it right, a good facial moisturiser. Not just any ordinary moisturiser but if possible, a thicker consistency moisturiser to keep the dryness at bay. Keep the hydration intact and then take it up a notch about 150% in colder months, your pretty face will thank you. Aint nobody looks good with dry skin, gurl.

If you are like me, I prefer to use a lightweight gel cream for any other months but in the winter, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this particular moisturiser/cream. I have said it many times before and I will repeat until my teeth fall off, this Dr Jart Ceramidin cream is a freaking holy grail product for me especially in the colder months. This is hands down a life-saver in my skincare routine as I personally have tighter skin and flaky nose in winter. Upon application, it honestly feels like you are putting a layer of lard or a thick layer of vaseline petroleum jelly without the grease or slick. I use this mainly in my evening routine and my skin stays deeply moisturised for hours and even throughout the night on end and the best part is, it does not feel heavy and it does not break me out.

What are ceramides?
Ceramides are basically molecules found in our skin naturally, over time and over age, we kind of lose the quantity and quality of ceramides in our skin which then will cause redness, flakiness and wrinkles in general. Ceramidin cream, in general, is a cream that replenishes good ceramides for good skin health-as simple as that and I truly appreciate it.

You can stick onto your favourite moisturiser which is totally fine but I personally like to treat myself with this cream in the winter months-just for that extra TLC. You can get Dr Jart Ceramidin cream in Sephora but I have always gotten mine from Nudie Glow.

We all have heard of clay mask or sheet masks (which I absolutely love all year round) but what is a sleeping mask, you ask my girlfriend? Let mama explain.

Think of sleeping masks as a hybrid between a night moisturiser and a gel-type mask. You will apply a sleeping mask on your face usually as a very last step in your evening skincare routine BUT to not rinse it off.

Personally for me, by the time I get home every evening and after my shower and skincare routine, I will usually hang around the house for few hours before I go to bed. Usually by the time I hit the sack every night, my face will already get slightly dried up, as it does in the colder months and just by sitting in front of the heater. So what I will do is, I will apply a sleeping mask just maybe 15-30 minutes right after I go to bed, apply as you will a night cream, leave it to be slightly tacky on the face and go to sleep. The sleeping mask will do its job in acting as a thick layer of barrier to the cold air, thus preventing your skin to dry up through the night. You can also use a sleeping mask if you sleep in an air conditioned room and you will like to avoid waking up to dry cracked skin.

The only con to a sleeping mask is, you might end up messing your pillowcase if you do not allow ample time for it to slightly dry on your face-but I am not fussed, I rather have supple skin instead.

My personal favourite sleeping mask is this from Laneige and I love it for many reasons-namely the gel consistency and the light fresh scent. I also appreciate that it is not too sticky to the face, because the last thing I want is to wake up feeling like I applied glue overnight.

Now this is a pretty silly recommendation, but you will be surprised at how many people out there who do not moisturise. Are you kidding me? I grew up with a mother who, as soon as she sits down in the living room, she will start moisturising her feet and her elbows with a big tub of the traditional Nivea creme’. Guess what, thanks to Mum, I have inherited my love of moisturising too and my skin is so thankful for it. It is bloody second nature to me, I will always have a good body moisturiser anywhere, on my office desk, in my handbag, in my car, in my coffee table in the living room, in my side table in the bedroom, in the vanity drawer in the toilet. You name it, I will always have a Nivea moisturiser lying around.

I personally love Nivea because I can trust it. I can trust that it is not bad for my skin, it never leaves a sticky residue, it dries nicely on my body especially after shower, it does not have funny fragrances and essential oils which in the long run can irritate my skin, it is not chock-full of alcohol which dries up the skin, and it is simply simple and it does its main sole job-in moisturising my body. It is also a homely resemblance to me, reminds me of my childhood and all the great time of being a kid and not having to worry about moisturising. LOL

Now this is a funny recommendation but one I do not hear often enough.
Especially in colder months, the sole of my feet gets scaly and rough. While I use a sole pumice pretty much every single evening when I shower, I always needed an extra something something for the feet. If you are like me, I will perpetually have frozen feet and toes come winter. My best trick is, to apply a thick cracked heel cream NOT just for the back of my foot but I slather that damn thing on my entire foot and I popped on my thick wooly socks. Trust me when I say, you will wake up to soft baby feet and it will be warm too. You will have no reason to be embarrassed the next time you have to go barefooted into a yoga class.

Body brushing is relatively new and recent in my skincare routine. Initially, I was not sure the concept or the reasoning behind a dry body brush but I soon realise how beneficial a dry body brush is, especially in winter. Think of dry body brushing as combing your hair before shampooing it.

The idea of a dry body brush is to use it on your body before you popped into the shower, get naked, and use a body brush in upwards circling motion starting from your feet up (avoid tender areas like your chest). Dry body brushing is not only great for exfoliating and sloughing your dry skin cells which tends to accumulate more in winter months, it also helps the growth of new skin cells. It also gives the slightest massaging tendencies to your body and it definitely improves blood circulation. This I know to be true as I personally can feel my blood circulation rushing after I dry body brush and I particularly enjoy this habit because I feel like my skin is much smoother and absorbs the body moisturiser/body oil better afterwards.

I believe I got mine from the brand Manicare from Priceline, and it has been a pretty good body care asset to me.

Also, this goes without saying but to not forget your water intake. We don’t just need heaps of water during summer, we kind of need it all day everyday. What’s your special care essentials for the wintry months? Let me know. Till the next one.. 🙂

Author: erniewornie

I am secretly a cat.. Fine, just a random crazy cat lady who was born and bred in humid Singapore but one day, after 31 years of crazy-rich-asian-not life decided to pack her entire life and move to Sydney to be with the love of her life, and so a whirlwind of life entails..

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